A powerful yet simple mechanism for capturing and managing Element discussions in a team based environment.

This feature is an extension to normal Element Discussions by providing a structured process around creating, reviewing and actioning those conversations.

  • New 'Review' Toolbox, Element and Diagram type
  • Discussion Window renamed to 'Reviews & Discussions' with a new tab 'Reviews'. This window will be the focal point for creating, managing and reviewing Formal Reviews
  • New tab 'Reviews added to the Docked 'Discussion' for creating Formal Review topics and discussing them
  • Priority status added to Review and Normal Discussion topics
  • User Avatars can now be assigned. These are displayed in model chat, discussion and review windows

A new way to navigate a model using Diagrams.

  • Erstellt Hyperlinks mit einem Bild und einer Beschriftung.
  • Erleichtert die Navigation in einem Modell – einheitlich für alle EA-Produktvarianten (Desktop-Applikation oder WebEA) und alle Geräte (mobil oder Desktop).
  • Erstellen einer Navigationccelle durch Ziehen eines Diagramms aus dem Projekt-Browsers auf ein anderes Diagramm.
  • Die erzeugten Navigationssymbole werden in älteren EA-versionen als einfache Hyperlinks angezeigt.
  • Das Beispielmodell wurde aktualisiert um den Einsatz von Navigationszellen demonstrieren.
  • Clone Element as New Version attempts to resolve the cloned element into a matching Package structure.
  • Context menu option added to easily upgrade a linked Diagram Object to a new version of a cloned Element
  • Clone Structure as New Version clones the Package objects current state including Tagged Values, Linked Document and more
  • Clone Element as New Version maintains reference classifier IDs
  • Clone Structure as New Version adheres to the current security permission settings
  • Clone Structure as New Version creates a Trace Connector between packages to provide version history
  • Time aware modeling - Clone Element as New Version, clones Element hierarchy

Model Exchange File Format import and export now available

  • Traceability window now displays customized labels for ArchiMate 3.0 relationships
  • Other MDG Technologies can use this extension by adding _MeaningForwards and _MeaningBackwards properties to the metatype for their stereotypes
  • Corrected read of addins when default value exists for HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  • Java API updated
  • MariaDB ODBC driver now supported
  • Document generation now provides new report constant: ReportFilenameShort
  • Package Browser and Gantt View context menu option added for opening the selected Package as a list or Gantt view
  • DB Explorer window now supports reload using tab context menu
  • XMI export performance improved for models with test points defined
  • Saving of cached images and documents for WebEA improved
  • New project option added to set the minimum build number required to access a project