The purchase price includes a 12-month update guarantee.
When the access data is no longer valid, then the purchase took place over 12 months in the past.

You can check the maintenance period yourself here by entering the access details (eaxxxx) included in the license mail. After entering the access details, click on the “check renewal” button.

Enterprise Architect can continue to be used without maintenance extension in the build that was current during the maintenance period. Should the setup file (easetupfull.msi) no longer be available, please contact us and remember to include your access details and license key.

Should you wish to continue to use current features (minor and major releases) as well as Support, you can extend the maintenance at any time.

Please contact us via E-Mail. Every request will be individually answered. We look forward to any additional information (like invoice number, license keys, user data, etc.) that can help us to shorten our response time.