The Future of Model Versioning

Which demands do you have towards a versioning system? Tell us on behalf of TU Vienna your requirements and be actively involved within 15 minutes in the research area of model versioning.

The Vienna University of Technology has embarked on a new project called AMOR (Adaptable Model Versioning) in cooperation with Johannes Kepler University Linz and SparxSystems, aiming at developing a model versioning system. Considering not only the academic point of view, we would like to ask you for your help to understand the requirements arising from practice. Therefore we have created a questionnaire addressing the users of versioning systems.
Tell us how the versioning process in your institution looks like, which versioning habits exist, and which problems occur in the different phases of the development process! Which requirements do you have concerning the versioning of documents, source code, models, …? We invite you to actively participate in model versioning research.
Find the questionnaire at

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