Sparx Systems joined as a UCAIug Member (Kopie 1)

Sparx Systems supports users of the Common Information Model (CIM) in the global utility sector. The users now include ENTSO-E who have adopted the CIM for information exchange in Europe.

Creswick, Australia, June 10, 2010 – Sparx Systems, a leading vendor of modeling tools based on the UML standard, will attend the Common Information Model User Group (CIMug) to be held in June in Milan, Italy. Since the adoption of its flagship modeling platform, Enterprise Architect, by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Sparx Systems has been a regular invited guest at these events. CIMug is responsible for combining relevant IEC specifications to form the CIM, a globally accepted standard for modelling the information exchanges required by electric utilities. This interoperability is a key factor for achieving the Smart Grid vision.

The UCAIug, as well as its member groups, Common Information Model User Group (CIMug), Open Smart Grid, and IEC61850, comprises 125 members, who are represented by 29 countries. The user group is dedicated to promoting the integration and interoperability of electric, gas and water utility systems, through the use of international, standards-based technology.

Since the adoption of Enterprise Architect by the IEC TC 57 for the compilation of the Common Information Model (CIM), Sparx Systems works closely with the members of the CIM User Group (CIMug). CIMug’s mission is to manage and to communicate issues concerning the CIM model and to serve as the primary means for developing the CIM model consensus and consistency across the industry.

The current CIM release was constructed using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. The CIM model comprises two IEC standards 61968 and 61970, which together provide a comprehensive view of an electrical network – available as a single Enterprise Architect UML model. Sparx Systems supports users and maintainers of the CIM model who are associated with the evolution of CIM via model extensions.

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