Enterprise Architect 14 Beta Release Announcement

Download the Beta now and see how version 14 will improve your modeling experience!

Version 14 Highlights Summary:

Keep focus on work not on tool

  • Context Browser – enhances the project browser and navigates to context
  • Perspectives – to help users to keep the focus
  • Enhanced Workspaces

Collaboration – in all aspects

  • New Journal to write down daily notes in an intuitive way
  • Discussion
  • Team Library
  • Collaborate and Review

Systems Engineering

  • Port Binding on Compartments
  • Default SysML behaivor for better standard conformance


  • Properties of a Diagram can be changed in Properties window no need for any modal dialog anymore
  • Model Wizard Process Guidance (combined with perspectives)
  • A clear process diagram will guide you through complex tasks
  • Swimlane AutoSize
  • Element Lock Status

Powerful Meta Modelling

  • New Diagram Specification View
  • Docked Properties Windows for almost everything

New Decision Modelling Notation (DMN) integrated to BPMN, SysML, SoaML
New Interaction Flow Modelling Language (IFML) for modelling UX interaction

  • Powerful enhanced Software Engineering Capabilites
  • New Built-In Visual Studio Solution Integration
  • Profilers
  • Executable State-Machines

Pro Cloud Enhanced

  • RelationShip Matrix for WebEA
  • Integration to external DataSources
     o EA (Cross Repository Integration)
     o Service Now   WRIKE (PCS)
     o JIRA
     o TFS

Read more and Download the EA 14 Beta now.


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