Follow the instructions to obtain a time limited floating license key.
All screenshots are from version 15.1
Note: This procedure is only possible with a full version
Open Enterprise Architect and go to Register via the ribbon:


A window opens, in this window click on "Add Key"


In the "Add registation Key" window select "Get Shared Key" on the left and go to the three dots next to the grey field.
Name and Company do not need to be filled in.


Before the training you will receive the server name, port, access data and duration of the lease period.
Please test before the training if a connection with the keyfile is possible.
If problems occur, please contact the instructor in time.

Activate the second item "Sparx Keystore Server" in the active window
Click on "Test" after entering the data
Option 1:
Select ssks:// as protocol
The following data are exemplary:
port: 7770
User Name: Test
Password: Test
If the test is not successful, enter the data as follows:

Option 2
Select ssks:// as protocol
The following data are exemplary:
Port: 7770?user=Test
User Name: leave blank
Password: Test

Enter credentials before the release of EA 15
The following data are exemplary:

Common issues:
In some companies the port 7770 is blocked. During the test an error message appears.
Connect once via your cell phone or without VPN to lease a license key.