Software for our Webinars
We chose Zoom because it requires less bandwidth and can be used without installing additional software.
In our Blog you will find a summary of recommended hardware up to the possibility to test Zoom.
Note: Zoom is always used for public eTraining.

Hardware and software requirements:
All participants must have the same version and build number of EA. Trial licenses, The following versions are possible:
EA 15.2
status 12.2021
A second screen is recommended for the presentation
Optional webcam, at least for the introduction round

Trial Extension Key or Temporary Floating Licenses can be provided by us.
PC or notebook, broadband internet connection and ideally a second screen.
If all participants are in the training room, beamer for the instructor, each participant's own PC or notebook.

Agreement of an appointment
For the internal organization of the appointments we recommend Outlook, Findtime or Doodle.
In addition to the organization of an appointment , is the same build of Enterprise Architect is absolutely necessary. It is best to extend the survey by this point.
PS: The build number is displayed under Start > Help > Help > About EA