Below is a compilation of frequently asked questions. If your answer is not included, please contact us by

Usually on-site trainings are possible to deliver within 3-4 weeks. Web-based eTrainings have a shorter lead time.

In order to achieve the training goals such as an appropriate learning dose, individual support of the participants and a common know-how basis at the end of the training, an ideal size of 5-7 participants has been proven in the hundreds of trainings in the last years.
This group size provides the opportunity for the instructor to respond to each individual in an appropriate manner and there is sufficient time for the participants to ask specific questions. The benefit for our customers results on the one hand from better results and thus from efficient internal investment.

Yes, it is possible to sign an NDA to share their models with the instructor in case of on-site training sessions carried out exclusively for companies.

Please request a quote by , stating the course content and number of participants.
In the case of company-specific training, you are welcome to add additional topics to the request and specify the time horizon from which you would like to receive date proposals.
You will receive an offer as a basis for your order. Payment will be made by bank transfer based on our invoice. Other payment methods Credit/Debit Card etc. for individuals are possible by arrangement.


If you are a company based in the EU (outside of Austria), you must state your valid VAT ID/UID number when ordering, invoicing will be net.
If you do not provide a VAT number, the VAT due in your country will be charged according to the Moss procedure.
For countries outside the EU, no local tax will be charged.

SparxSystems GmbH has been conducting training for over 15 years. Our trainers have many years of experience and complete more than 100 training days per year. When they are not giving a training, they are deeply involved with the latest features of Enterprise Architect and answer support requests.
You can find the short profiles here.

Public training for individuals, these are offered periodically at 2-month intervals.
Onsite/In-house training for participants of a company.
Face to Face/1:1 Training Individual coaching on pre-defined topics.
All forms of training are offered as web-based e-training and are moderated throughout.
In-house trainings are also offered on-site

The corresponding services are listed and described in the offer. These are usually eTraining, in-house training or individual coaching.
Participants receive a confirmation of course attendance.
Depending on the course offer, courseweare is included or can be ordered as an option.

For on-site training, travel costs will be charged, these can be as follows: Travel by our car 0.42, flight economy, train, local public transport or taxi costs.
We make every effort to select the most cost-effective travel and accommodation.
In exceptional situations, such as overbooking due to a frequency fair, we will inform you of additional costs before the booking is made.
These costs will be charged 1:1, voucher proof of expenses from amounts over 10 euros are possible. Travel time within Europe or diets will be not charged.

Our preferred tool is Zoom. By agreement, the tool of their choice can also be used if our trainer can be set up as a facilitator. If we are the host, please provide the trainer with the mail addresses of the training participants.
You can find more information on eTrainings here.

For the training each participant needs his own PC, ideally a second screen (1 screen for the web session, a second one to be able to work with EA).
Broadband Internet
Optional Webcam (our trainers will be happy to see you.)

Note that each participant has the same version and build installed. With different versions, the navigation and GUI may differ significantly.
Please agree with the trainer which version should be used.
Usually the most recent version is used.

For users without a licensed version, the trial version can be used.
If required, we can provide a renewal key. Participants using floating licensing can be provided with time-limited keys.

Admin rights are required for the installation of EA Trial or full version. The time-limited licence keys (floating key) are accessible via an IP address,
Please note that the installation of a new version overwrites the existing one.
Here you will find instructions on how to install 2 versions on one PC.

For training at your premises, a beamer with a minimum resolution of 1280*1024 pixels and a flipchart are required.
Each participant needs their own PCS with current software from Enterprise Architect.