Import ADABAS C structures in Enterprise Architect

This Enterprise Architect addon was created as a comprehensive, automatic documentation of ADABAS C data structures.


ADABAS C enables the export of spreadsheets in text format (.csv). With this script, the ADABAS C lists can be processed and displayed in Enterprise Architect in accordance with UML guidelines. This resolves groups, re-definitions, substructures and indexes.


Functional description – summary

The EA-ADABAS Importer/Updater processes a .csv cxport from ADABAS C. 

The following are resolved:

  • Groups, including cascaded
  • Indexes, including compound
  • Parts
  • Redefinitions
  • MUlti occurrent field (MU’s), also in redefinitions and parts

Even if continuing to work with the datastructure documentation, e.g. when an "Enterprise Architecture Model" with references to processes and screens is created, additional update runs (content changes and extensions) can be run with newer versions of the .csv export files.

Additionally contained in this addon is a print template for the output of data structures as MS Word® compatible document – including the links to an extended model.