09:00h – 12:00h

Track I – System Engineering
Getting the best out of an MDG – Training session, following the talk on Wednesday
Phil Chudley, Dunstan Thomas

The use of MDGs is widespread in EA and many companies develop their own MDGs to model their Metamodel. In this talk, Phil will share his experience of developing many such MDGs over the years.

The training will cover the following aspects

  • The best approach when designing and developing an MDG
  • Should an existing Metamodel be extended or is it better to start from scratch?
  • Common traps / pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Tricks with Shapescripts
  • Implementing Quicklink rules using Stereotype relationships and meta-constraints
  • Filtering a MetaModel using View Specifications

Phil will use EA version 15 to develop a Meta Model so as to provide a practical demonstration of the development of an MDG. There will also be ample opportunity for attendees to share their MDG experiences and raise questions.


Track II – EA in Business Use
German Session: Workshop: ISO26226 Zertifizierung erreichen mit Enterprise Architect und LemonTree
Daniel Siegl, LieberLieber

Versionieren und Modellieren mit EA und LemonTree: In diesem Workshop lernen Sie, wie SIe mit Versionen des EA Modells die ISO26226 Zertifizeriung („Road vehicles – Functional safety“) gestalten und den Ablauf steuern. Verschiedene Use Cases und Szenarien machen diesen Vormittag auch umsetzbar für die Praxis.


Special Track – Prolaborate

A Hands-on Workshop to get started with Prolaborate

Nizam Mohamed, Prolaborate

Prolaborate is the sharing and collaboration platform from Sparx Systems to let modellers take the model information to the wider team. Prolaborate enables Simplified views, curated dashboards, interactive charts and graphs, intuitive visualizations, sophisticated collaboration utilities with email notifications, impact and what-if analysis capabilities and much more. It lets non-tech / non-EA users use the model information to review and participate in discussions from any web browsers or IPads.

This session will be a hands-on workshop to showcase how you can convert a comprehensive EA model into a intutitive web portal, configure role based access control, selectively choose or hide model contents, design custom forms to simplify end user views, design dashboards, charts, graphs using Prolaborate dashboard designer and chart designer,  using the relationship matrix, using the what-if analysis, impact analysis features of Prolaborate and much more.


13:00h – 16:00h

Track I – System Engineering
German Session: Governance für Enterprise Architect: Prinzipien und Vorteile einer modell-basierenden Vorgehensweise für die Softwareentwicklung
Dr. Horst Kargl

In diesem Workshop zeigt Ihnen Dr. Horst Kargl die Prinzipien und Vorteile einer modell-basierenden Vorgehensweise für die Softwareentwicklung auf. Wir betrachten neue Möglichkeiten in EA 15.1 und wie Sie Enterprise Architect konfigurieren, damit Sie Ihre Modellierungszielsetzungen am besten erreichen. Zudem erfahren Sie, wie Automation, Konfiguration und Training Sie dabei unterstützen, Ihre erfolgreichen Modellierungsergebnisse im Unternehmen weiter zu tragen.


Track II – EA in Business Use
Patterns for the Data-Driven Digital Transformation Process - A State Based Value Delivery Approach.
Dr. Birol Berkem

This tutorial will help attendees understand in detail the steps of the Data-Driven Digital Transformation that they may have discovered in the key-note session.

Two groups of architecture patterns come to underpin these steps.

Group 1 : Patterns to "Align the Organization with its Goals and Strategies" and "Route the Data where needed":  This first group of three patterns aims at building an Architecture where elements (from the Business Motivation till the Application Layer) are formulated using ‘Desired States’ that have to be reached on Business Entities.

Group 2 : Patterns to ensure a 'Coherent Decision-Making and Cohesive Evolution' through Strategic Revisions based on Captured Data and Actionable Insights. This second group of three patterns aims at utilizing the ‘Goal and Data Driven Architecture’ to ensure a Coherent Decision-Making and Evolution of the Architecture based on « Data and Actionable Insights »

The tutorial will be conducted interactively using the Open Group's ArchiMate 3 standard on a complete case study.