Ability Engineering Ltd. UK
Ability Engineering provides services to the Telecommunications industry, including project management, business analysis and design. Using the Model Driven Delivery Framework, Ability Engineering gives clients a structured approach to optimising the benefits that can be achieved through exploiting their IT knowledge through tools, techniques and training.
It also delivers training, mentoring and software development.

The Company has developed:
-    eaDocX, the high quality document generator and collaboration tool that works with the CASE tool Enterprise Architect.
-    Model Expert, the model quality extension for Enterprise Architect, that allows users to capture, share and apply best practice in modelling.


Austrian Institut of Technology, Wien, Österreich
The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria's largest research and technology organisation. Among the European research institutes, AIT is a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future. The Dependable Systems Engineering group at AIT has a long-standing history in addressing the interdependencies of safety, security and reliability. Besides conducting leading research, the group is developing new methods and tools to guarantee safety and security of systems. The research field Dependable Systems Engineering (DSE) focuses on studying and developing methodologies, tools and standards for increasing, verifying and validating the dependability of software and systems – during conception, development, certification and operation. The group comprises highly experienced scientists and practitioners alike, and is not only working on fundamental research questions but also has a strong connection to industry.



CDL-MINT Christian Doppler Laboratory for Model-Integrated Smart Production
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Österreich

Industry 4.0 promises nothing less than making components actively and passively capable of communication in order to manufacture smart products using cyber-physical systems (CPS). The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Model-Integrated Intelligent Production (CDL-MINT) develops novel models for this purpose in order to cope with the increasing complexity associated with the development of such CPS. At our booth we will show how models can be actively used from design to implementation and what effects modeling changes have on the real system. On the other hand we present a new approach to model version management by showing how to explicitly model and visualize dependencies between versions.


Dunstan Thomas Group Limited UK
With both on-site and online training and consulting, Dunstan Thomas Consulting offers our clients a complete lifecycle support from pre-sales and acquisition to implementation and adoption. Dunstan Thomas will help our clients to deliver modeling solutions with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


LieberLieber Software Wien, Österreich

We are a software engineering company. The know-how of our employees lies in model-based software and system design based on tools such as Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems.
Our customers are companies that place particular importance on the quality of their software and systems development. They wish to maintain a constant overview of their complex development scenarios while ensuring that security-relevant requirements are clearly represented in models.
For this task we provide our own special tools, such as LemonTree and Embedded Engineer. In addition, we offer a range of useful tool integration services to help make our customers' development processes more productive.




is the sharing and collaboration platform from Sparx Systems to let modellers take the model information to the wider team. Prolaborate enables Simplified views, curated dashboards, interactive charts and graphs, intuitive visualizations, sophisticated collaboration utilities with email notifications, impact and what-if analysis capabilities and much more. It lets non-tech / non-EA users use the model information to review and participate in discussions from any web browsers or IPads.


IT-Spezialist für Systems Engineering und Application Lifecycle Management  Wir sind Partner des Mittelstands und großer Konzerne, die ihre Geschäftsmodelle auf smarte Produkte ausrichten. Dabei ist unser Anspruch, die Komplexität der zunehmenden technologischen Vernetzung beherrschbar zu machen. Durch innovative Ansätze und beständige Weiterentwicklung vernetzen wir Produkte und Unternehmensprozesse zu einer nachhaltigen IT-Infrastruktur. Für die perfekte Synchronisation zwischen PTC Integrity und SPARX Enterprise Architect haben wir die Nanga EA Integrity Integration (NEAII) entwickelt


Intland Software

Intland Software is the developer of the "codeBeamer ALM" system, a fully integrated and scalable ALM enterprise solution. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and has a subsidiary in Silicon Valley, USA, as well as sales partners all over the world. codeBeamer ALM is used by large global companies, such as Medtronic, LG, Daimler, Samsung and Dassault Falcon Jet, to monitor all processes of their product development and to ensure compliance with important requirements in the development of state-of-the-art technologies.