Sparx Cloud Service

Since Version 11 is Enterprise Architect supporting Cloud Services.
The Sparx Systems Cloud Services application provides a convenient mechanism for hosting models. It provides easy access to people within your team, and optionally to external customers and consultants anywhere around the world.

When to use a cloud server

A cloud server offers benefits whenever:
You would like to reduce the set-up requirements for each of your users
You would like to expose any models outside of a private network
Any users are connecting over slow Connections

Informations about how to connect to the cloud:

  • How to connect to a Cloud Server as Video
  • Web based Info
  • Consolidated as a PDF

Sparx Cloud Service in a test environment

To allow you a simple test, are in the following steps described how to connect Enterprise Architect Trial version to the cloud provided by Sparx Systems Pty in a test environment.

Cloud Setting are:

London Cloud*
Model Name: Example

Chicago Cloud*
Model Name: Example
Sydney Cloud*
Model Name: Example

* All Models are read-only, there is no username or password required

Sparx Cloud Service in real environment

Everything you wanted to know about setting up your own cloud server can be found at the begin of this page. You will also need to download the CloudServer application which can be found  in the registered users download section. Please not current Login credentilas are necessary to Access These files.


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